S E L F * L O V E

        January 14-17 2019
        Flagstaff, Arizona

        C O V E R I N G

        Self Respect, confidence in your business, communication with clients and industry professionals. Community, competition and plagiarism; using your inspiration to boost creativity, not hinder it. Self reflection sessions, group hikes, meditation, morning yoga, evening chats and one on one time with instructors.

        S O M E T H I N G * E X T R A

        Excited to announce attendees will be curating a shoot as individuals with the help of instructors. Either solo or in pairs, attendees will have the opportunity to create and photograph their own session. Cherry on top? You have 100% full ability to use these creations for submissions, marketing, etc..


        -3 Nights Lodging at an A frame Airbnb
        -3 Styled Sessions
        - Presentations and instruction by 6 amazing photographers
        -1 Personal Session created by you, partner, + stylist with FULL rights + submission permissions
        - One on ones with Kati throughout the week
        - Morning Yoga with certified instructor Tuesday-Thursday Mornings
        - Safe + Quiet space for led mediation Monday -Thursday
        - Breakfast + Dinner prepared by on-site cook (self serve food available for lunches + snacks)
        - Multiple opportunities to breach your creative comfort zone
        - Creative and emotional support, self reflection, health and care for the entirety of the workshop


        Retainer: $400 followed by 3 payments of $400

        Sign up with a friend $1500 Each
        Retainer: $300 followed by 3 additional payments of $400

        D I G * D E E P E R


        More than a few curated shoots. My intention with this series is to dig a little deeper; surrounded by like-minded individuals, we'll be embarking on a journey to learn, to grow, and to create more than what we've seen on social media, but what drives us to keep going in our business.

        In addition to photography, we'll be focusing on self health and incorporating this into our business with daily yoga, meditation, hiking and journaling. This is about you. Your business. Your confidence and your art.

        Join us for a few days of learning, creative inspiration and self love in a beautiful area surrounded by positive humans.

        *  L O D G I N G  * 


        Δ O U R  L E A D E R S   &   I N S T R U C T O R S ∇

        ∇ L E A D E R S Δ

        AMPED to announce styling by the incredible Rain and Pines