hey there!

        I’m Kati, a traveling photographer currently based out of Portland, Oregon. I started traveling for photography in 2017, and rapidly picked up pace after my first International wedding. I’ve decided to start offering mentoring and workshops as I travel around the United States and Internationally so I can meet and work with a wider range of photographers. I hope to share my experiences over the last 8 years ( both positive + negative ) and hope it assists with growing your business, as well as your confidence as an artist.

        Mentoring and workshops are a vital part of this job; we never stop learning and we never stop growing. As long as you understand and appreciate the opportunity to learn, you’re in the right place. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully working with you! If you’d like me to host a workshop in your area, please reach out!


        How long have you been traveling for?

        Are you hosting workshops outside of the United States?

        Do you offer mentoring online or over Skype?


        The first shoot I traveled for was in April of 2017